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Classical Music Cruise on the Danube March 20-30, 2024


From Strauss’s The Blue Danube to Mozart’s Linz Symphony, the Danube River has inspired countless musicians throughout the centuries.

Their famous melodies are carried on the river’s current, which you’ll follow through some of the most spectacular capitals – Budapest, Hungary; Bratislava, Slovakia; and Vienna, Austria – where they lived, composed, and performed, as well as cities such as Salzburg, Austria, where Mozart was born. Along the way, you will be treated to a variety of live performances by renowned musicians that are sure to fill your heart with love for the Danube throughout the ages. Whether you are a musician yourself, a classical music connoisseur, or simply a discerning traveler seeking a nuanced and immersive experience, let the Danube River be your melodious muse on this incredible classical music-themed journey.


DAY                       DESTINATION                    ACTIVITIES


1                            KRAKOW                            Hotel check-­in

2                            KRAKOW                            City tour Free time

3                            KRAKOW                            Auschwitz visit

4                            BUDAPEST                         EMBARKATION

5                            BUDAPEST                         ”Queen of the Danube” tour OR "Hidden Budapest" tour OR Castle Hill hike

                                                                          Budapest Opera House with recital and Liszt House with museum

6                            BRATISLAVA                       Senic cruising “Coronation City” walking tour with musical performance

                                                                          OR Tastes of Slovakia OR Bratislava Castle hike OR Bike tour

7                            LINZ                                    Full-­day Salzburg excursion with Mozart Birth House and residence 

                                                                          OR “UNESCO City of Media Arts” walking tour with Mozart House

                                                                          OR “Cultural Mile” bike tour Český Krumlov excursion*

8                            LINZ                                     Scenic cruising Melk Abbey with choir performance OR Melk Abbey hike Bike tour

9                            MELK                                   Scenic cruising “Imperial Vienna” tour OR Sacher & Coffee OR Vienna city tour by bike.                                                                                   Evening concert

10                          VIENNA                               Schönbrunn Palace OR Klosterneuburg bike tour, Composers walking tour OR Free time

11                          VIENNA                               DISEMBARKATION and flight home

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