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​​Sharing travel experiences with friends, family, or clients creates an even deeper bond, customer loyalty, and incredible memories. Groups with similar interests love to travel together.

Love wine?

Play golf regularly?

We partner with country clubs, chefs, wineries & wine bars, Yoga studios, and more to design group trips to share your passion and grow your business.

We take care of all the travel arrangements so you can focus on your daily operations.

Yes, business and pleasure DO mix!

*Meet the new way to grow your business and market your brand: through group travel experiences with your best clients.


*How does it work?


Gather a group of your best clients and experience a new destination together — while building lifelong brand loyalty along the way!


A golf club can invite its members to tee off on legendary courses worldwide, like Academy Golf Budapest in Hungary…

A winery can take its biggest fans on a river cruise through France’s intoxicating wine country…

You bring the group together — and I’ll take care of all the travel logistics for you!


So click on the link below today to set up an appointment and we can start designing your unique river cruise experience.

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