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Cruise Managers' Guide to Europe's Easter Markets

Easter Markets spring up in a number of cities throughout Europe in celebration of the holiday. Two of our wonderful Cruise Managers share their favorite Easter traditions, culinary delights, and souvenirs below.

Cruise Manager Martina, Czechoslovakia

Favorite Easter Market:

In Prague, Czech Republic, there are lovely markets with local food, handicrafts and colorful decorations representing the flowers of spring. There is also a stage on the main square with live performances. In Zurich, the Sechseläuten is a spring holiday typically celebrated on the 3rd Monday of April. There is an incredible promenade with people dressed in traditional guild costumes all over the city and lots of activities – including the burning of the Böögg, a snowman, to drive out winter and welcome spring!

Favorite Easter Delights:

The medovina (honey wine or mead) or the Tatranský čaj, a spirit of 160 proof. It is the perfect drink to have in the evenings when the weather turns chilly while strolling around the Easter Markets of Prague. A must is at least one small beránek, an iced cake in the shape of a lamb, or chlebíčky, a small open-faced sandwich akin to tapas.

Best Souvenirs:

There are beautiful handmade decorations all over Prague. I love traditionally painted Easter eggs and I always buy beautiful lace embroidery with colorful spring flowers for my friends.

Unique European Easter Tradition:

In former Czechoslovakia, today known as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, young men visit every house in which single young women live and “sprinkle” – or, in reality, douse – them with water, or playfully “whip” them with willow branches. This old custom is meant to bring good health and youth to the women throughout the year.

Cruise Manager Rachel, Spain

Favorite Easter Market:

Prague’s Easter Markets are set by the Old Town Square and are just a feast for the eyes!

Best Souvenirs:

All the egg decorations in different sizes and colors, and the chicken decorations as well.

Favorite Easter Delights:

Mona de Pascua (Easter cake) is typically only served in Catalonia, Spain. You can find these in all the nice bakeries in Barcelona and I always buy one to share with the guests after our Colors of Provence land package there. It is usually a Sunday and many guests buy fresh mona to take back home to celebrate with their families on Monday as well.

Unique European Easter Traditions:

The Monday after Easter Sunday is a holiday in Catalonia during which godparents visit their godsons/goddaughters and bring them a very colorful delicious chocolate cake with all kinds of toppings and decorations to celebrate a new life and new opportunities.

Visit Easter Markets with AmaWaterways in the days leading up to the holiday during select 2023 and 2024 journeys such as Romantic Danube, Melodies of the Danube, Gems of Southeast Europe, and Colors of Provence while in cities that include Prague, Czech Republic; Vienna, Austria; Barcelona, Spain; and Kraków, Poland (offered as an optional land package on Majestic Capitals of the Danube and Celebration of Classical Music: The Danube sailings beginning in 2023).

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The Colosseum Rome Italy during daytime_edited.jpg

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